July 2015

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Tales of Lurid Sensationalism concludes!



Jason Stylz

Christmas in July continues on Losers

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Haight St Losers is a comedy set on Haight St, San Francisco. Is there still hippie magic left alive on the Haight, or have the tourists chased all the vibes away? Jason Stylz is your narrator and tour guide on the number 9 bus to madness.


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Legend of Dracula contains mature themes and is not intended for children.



Join Zessie, Charlotte, Sasha and Mittens in this furry comedy. It’s all about Zessie’s dreams of starting a vegetarian pizza parlor. Her murderous Aunt Charlotte is cooking all the neighbors, and Zessie longs for an all-vegetable menu! Zessie’s Pizza is an anthropomorphic delight.

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Webcomics in widescreen!

Step-sisters Judy and Sandy’s game has gotten way out of hand. Family secrets are deep and dark in this creepy drama that may well be one of the most unsettling stories you will read this year. These girls are unforgettable...expect gore. This comic uses large animated images, give the panels time to fill out for best results.

Our Secret Game contains mature themes and is not intended for children.

Tales of Lurid Sensationalism

Crazed drug dealers! Hallucinations! Wasps! Mary Cherry presents a lurid tale of  suburban drama as Danny and his friends face Nobody, the biggest, meanest thug in the ‘hood. Brought to you ad-free. Suggested for mature audiences.

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From the Editor

Lee Rowe


Shreds of Valor release date set back 1 month. We apologize for the delay. New release date May 25. We had to reshoot the first scenes. Produced by Mary Cherry

Haight Street Losers will have several episodes during May. Next publication May 10. Produced by Jason Stylz.

Our Secret Game will resume production in May, with a publication date of Aug 15. Produced by Sam Brown.

The next episode of Legend of Dracula will publish July 16. Produced by Lee Rowe

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