Hi Dudes, and whasuuup? I am the artist and writer of Haight St Losers, Jason Stylz. I hope you like my stuff and will come read it often. I am a resident of San Francisco, California. Someday I want to be “somebody.” Losers is a comedy, but it has somewhat of a plot, or at least things happen in chronological order, so it’s best to start at no 1, I guess.

We have some pictures of Sharon and Vicki in our Pin-Ups gallery now, hope you like them. I wanted to catch the spirit of Haight St somewhere in this strip, the vibrancy and energy of it. Here’s a video of a walk down Haight St, San Francisco, and a look at one of the most famous corners in the world, Haight-Ashbury. There is  always some kid with either some paintings or necklaces or a dog here. Really. Always.


This is the main page for news and comments about Haight St Losers. Please write to mailbag@bonedragoncomics.com with snarky suggestions or insults. I’ll be working on this page in the next few weeks, so let me know what you want to see.


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